Conference Testimonies



A young girl got baptized on site after attending a powerful breakout session.

Tumor Shrunk

A woman's cancerous tumor on her throat shrunk after she and her daughter attended a breakout on healing.


Over 32 recorded women committed their lives to the Lord on Friday night.

Cancer Healed + Vision Casted

A woman was diagnosed with cancer prior to the conference. She was spending time with the Lord, believing for her healing and he gave her a vision for a jewelry company that would represent those he wanted to set free. Sometime later she went to another doctor who was a believer and he told her it was actually a pre-cancerous lesion that could be removed. After the surgery, she received a call to bring my business and share it with the women at the conference. She was able to prophesy and pray for women at the conference. She also received vision for her business in the future.


A woman heard from God eight years ago that she’s called to reach and minister to the Muslim refugees in Anaheim. In the first vision, the Muslim people were chained but at the conference, she received the second part of the vision and saw the chains breaking off them. She then went to a breakout and heard from the Lord that He wanted to use her to bring light into the darkness but in order to do that she needed to let Him work on her anger. After sharing that with the breakout group, the speaker had a word for her that confirmed everything she’d been seeing, hearing and feeling.




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